How to Perform Coronectomy of Wisdom Teeth?...

Asst Prof József Szalma, Hungary
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Release date: 11/03/2020
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How to Perform Coronectomy of Wisdom Teeth? Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tips and Tricks.



Coronectomy, as an alternative treatment option of lower impacted third molars, becomes even more accepted and popular. Its aim is to significantly reduce the incidence of irreversible inferior alveolar nerve injuries. The lecture clarifies the indications, give practical recommendations for the diagnostic presurgical workup, and shows detailed technical steps of this procedure. Experimental research-based evidences are also very briefly shown, as an important determinant factor when bone and tooth preparation instruments and their parameters are selected.

About the Speaker

Asst Prof József Szalma, Hungary
Associated Professor József Szalma graduated (DMD) in 2001 in University of Pécs (Hungary) and had got specialization later in oral surgery (2006) and in oral implantology (2019). In 2011 he earned a PhD degree: “The role of panoramic radiography in the prediction of inferior alveolar nerve injury after mandibular third molar surgical removal” from University of Pécs.

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