Modern Ceramic Crown and Veneer Preparation

Prof Paul A. Tipton
Accreditation: 1 CME
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Release date: 08/23/2020
Expiry date: 12/31/2020



This webinar will look at the materials and techniques involved in order to produce beautiful long-lasting ceramic crowns and veneers as well as minimising tooth preparation. The three elements of a successful indirect restoration are longevity, aesthetics and minimally invasive. This webinar will teach you how to achieve all three with today’s understanding of preparation techniques, tooth anatomy and materials. Micro preparations including prepless veneer techniques and verti-prep crowns will be shown and discussed to give the viewer a complete overview of how today’s modern techniques are achieved in practice.

Prof Paul A. Tipton, UK

He gained his Master’s Degree in 1989 from the Eastman Dental Hospital and London University and started teaching on the University of Manchester’s MSc in Restorative Dentistry. He is now Professor of Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry at the City of London Dental School. His private dental training academy, Tipton Training, was founded in 1991 and to date over 3000 dentists have completed a one year course at the Academy.

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