The use of ultrasonics for endodontic treatment – applications of different tips

Prof James Prichard, UK
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Release date: 01/01/2022
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This lecture will explore and discuss the ever-increasing uses of ultrasonics in Endodontic therapy. Ultrasonics was first proposed as a method of simultaneously preparing and cleaning root canals some 40 years ago. Since then, this technology has advanced to expand treatment possibilities, improving outcomes and allowing practitioners to save more teeth than ever.

About the speaker

Prof James Prichard, UK
Professor Prichard is a renowned teacher in Endodontics, delivering hands-on courses, lectures and seminars throughout the UK and overseas. He has held the posts of Associate Clinical Teacher, Clinical Teaching Fellow and Clinical Supervisor in Endodontics on the Master's Programme at The University of Warwick prior to joining BPP University in London as Visiting Professor and Programme leader for the MClinDent in Endodontology and is now he is the Visiting Professor and Programme Leader – Masters Programmes in Endodontology, College of Medicine & Dentistry, Birmingham, UK.

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