Direct veneers, peg lateral and diastema closing restorations

Dr Eduardo Mahn, Chile
Accreditation: 14 CME
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Release date: 05/31/2021
Expiry date: 05/31/2025


The course will cover the necessary knowledge to know what to do when spaces, stains or undesirable forms are present in the anterior region. First, the participants will evaluate the model and plan how to prepare, if necessary. Afterwards, the participants will prepare the teeth and will have to restore them one by one keeping the proportions. Several techniques for closing diastemas, restoring peg laterals, large class IV and direct veneers will be shown. The pulling technique, the reverse pulling technique, the FEM technique and the Wing technique will be explained in detail. All will be based on the 3x5 concept. The Hands-on will finish with the demonstration of finishing and polishing... 

About the speaker

Dr Eduardo Mahn, Chile
Dr Mahn graduated from the University of Chile in 2004. He received the German DDS, one year later. The New York University College of Dentistry certified him as Implantologist in 2007. In 2008, he published his doctorate thesis in 2008 titled “Osseointegration of zirconia implants, an in vivo study” and got his doctorate degree in 2010 from the University of Duesseldorf, Germany. Between 2007 and 2009 he worked for Ivoclar Vivadent at the ICDE (International Center for Dental Education), Schaan, Liechtenstein and he is presently a guest lecturer at several universities. 

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